Designed by J Tanner

Designed by J Tanner

At J Tanner, we have high standards when it comes to design.

For a product to carry the J Tanner brand it first and foremost needs to be functional and deliberate. In other words, the design must be simple, free of unnecessary clutter, help make our lives easier, and look and feel great.

To achieve this, J Tanner’s design process focuses on two key aspects: minimalism and materials.

J Tanner minimalism is an important part of creating simple, clutter free designs that enables our customers to have a professional, distraction free experience. To do this, we first identify the problem we are looking to solve, and then go to the drawing board (literally) to design the solution. We will question each aspect of the design to ensure that the product we are crafting is solving the problem in it’s purest form, and will often revise our designs over and over again until we get it right.

After we have created a vision for a minimalist design, we turn our attention to the materials.

We care deeply about the materials we use. We believe that if you want to have the best, you need to use the best. This is why we work tirelessly with our suppliers to source the finest leathers.

Typically, we will opt to use a mix of more premium materials than most brands, such as Italian leather and Napa sheep skin as they allow us to create a more professional and luxurious feel - at a cost to our margins that most are not willing to forfeit. This is because we recognise that the materials we choose will play an important part in our ability to create a truly minimalist product.

Once a material is chosen, we will prototype and test our products over and over again to ensure the materials are delivering that J Tanner look and feel, while remaining durable. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we will redesign or select new materials that will achieve our vision.

After we have a design and materials that we love, we will work with our partners to make sure we get the production process right.

The high standards of detail and quality control can be challenging for manufacturers to meet, which limits the producers we can work with. However, because of the time and effort we put into finding the very best manufacturers who are willing to produce to our standards, we are able to create the truly beautiful products available to order right here.

All of this results in truly unique, minimal, and luxurious feeling products that help our customers focus on what’s important.

It’s not easy, but then again we don’t think that good design should be.

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