DIY Leather Craft

For Your Team

Custom Packages For Corporate Team Building & Gifts

Need to rethink team building in this new remote environment?

Our all-inclusive DIY Leather Craft Kits offer an easy way to conduct a team event from afar.

Be your own instructor

Our kits include everything needed to craft from home or the office, along with easy-to-follow video instructions designed for beginners.

What Other Businesses Think

"These DIY Kits were such a great experience for our team. The instructions were clear and easy to follow from home."

"It was fun to work on the same project as my collegues even though we couldn't be together. We kept sending eachother progress photos the whole way along!"

How Does It Work?

Each team member will receive their own kit with everything they need to craft, including pre-cut leather pieces, hardware, tools, and video step-by-step instructions.


If you're planning a remote group session, can send the kits directly to your team members individual address. Otherwise we can ship all kits to a single location.

Team Building

When everyone is working on a project they have a common ground to feel proud about.

Our kits offer an easy way to facilitate a team building excercise while not being in the same room. 

Either complete together with our easy to follow video instructions, or complete in your own time and share the progress along the way!

Corporate Gifting

A unique gift that is also a one of a kind experience.

Our DIY kits include everything they need to craft at home and offer a memorable experience for your team and clients.

Not the crafty type? We also offer all of our kits ready-made and hancrafted on the Gold Coast if you would prefer to gift a finished high quality leather good.

Volume Pricing

We want to help you put together the best team building solutions.

Simply message us in the chat feature or fill in your details and ideas below, and we will get back to you same day.

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