About Us

Proudly based on the Gold Coast, Australia!


We have a simple goal - to share our passion of leathercraft with the world, and make it easy to learn!

Through this, we hope to inspire people to throw away less, hand craft and repair more, and be emotionally connected to their hand crafted unique leather goods.


Our Story

We have been leather crafting since 2012.

It all began with a fruitless search for a truly slim and minimalist wallet to use for those casual nights out where all you need is a drivers licence, credit card, and cash. After failing to find exactly what we wanted, we decided to take matters into our own hands and craft our own out of leather! "This will be easy!" we thought...

We quickly discovered that getting started in leather craft was not as simple as we'd have liked it to have been. Or cost effective. However, we persevered, and after countless trips to the leather store and a significant amount spent on equipment, tools, and entire hides of leather we had finally crafted our own wallet!


This experience taught us taught us two things:

1. Leather crafting is incredibly rewarding!

2. Leather crafting can be a daunting (and expensive) hobby to get into.

That's why we founded J Tanner Deconstructed.

We wanted to make it easy for everyone to experience the joy of crafting their own leather good entirely by hand. And we want to make it affordable and accessible to do so.

No need to buy expensive equipment. No need to research for hours on end across multiple websites/books/employees at the leather store. No need to purchase entire leather hides to make one wallet, purse, or bag. No need to purchase ugly and bulky DIY leather craft kits that you wouldn't want to use after finishing.

We've taken our favourite designs that we love using on a daily basis, and prepared them as simple ready-to-craft DIY kits that are perfect for all skill levels - with video assembly guides for each kit and live chat support to make it a breeze to get started and learn!


We love handmade, bespoke items, and the detail and dedication that goes into each product, no matter the artisan. Our hope is that through J Tanner DE|CONSTRUCT|ED we can share this love and inspire a new group of people who are passionate about handmade leather goods!